Leviathan Helm
interactive mixed media installation
Tower is 90 feet tall. Observation deck 70 foot diameter.

Temporary installation transformed a historic water tower into a DIY Leviathan. The viewer enters into pinky light and reverberating soundtrack of digestive noises. Then, after a 97 stair climb, encounters a 50 foot wide eyeball-rolling device which can be operated via a central ship's wheel. 

mixed incl: fiberglass, cast iron, steel, found objects, electronics
16 x20 x20 feet

Little motorized 'orbiter' circumambulates teetering tightrope assembly in random intervals.

enameled cast iron and mixed media
9 x13 x33 feet as shown
mixed incl: resin, steel, aluminum, vinyl, coal, found objects
14 x9 x11 feet

Liquid passes through the funnel and into the body which can be tapped via the spigot in the chest which lets it flow through the hosing into the chalices on the floor. Decidedly leaky system.

Resin, steel, rubber, plastic, insects
38 x108 x192 inches as pictured

The sheep and lawn units are on wheels . Easily pushed around.

The Stigmatization
mixed including: rubber, steel, lead, ceramic, rope
12 x25 x29 feet

Installed in an abandoned gas station. The whole system shifts and creaks when touched and causes the central figure to torque and stretch.

Magdalen in the Wilderness
mixed media incl: steel, resin, rhoplex, manila fiber, compost
18 x24 x40 feet (figures 8'6")

The room smells of moist compost. There is a fiberglass figure of Magdalen covered with human hair, seven floppy "skins" of the same figure, and seven hairy fiber trees. The skins rotate and swing as the viewer moves through the space.

Noli Me Tangere
Mixed media incl. ceramic, enamel, steel, lead, rope
14 x19 x20 feet (Central figure 8'3")